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1)Why is Apple not a dominant provider of personal computers? Apple, while unique in their product and their design has alienated the majority of the consumer market almost from the beginning. The company tried to set themselves apart and show their differences early on when they aired their first commercial in 1984. This commercial showed a woman athlete running with a hammer through a pack of drones, and then she throws the hammer and breaks a TV. This was meant to symbolize Apple’s difference from the monotony of other computers. Apple was also unique in creating the first mouse. Their approach to making a ‘personal computer’ was right on, but the 1984 ad has had almost an ironic reality 20 years later. Apple is still the unique brand of computer that stands on its own, but it only represents 5% of the consumer market. They set themselves too far apart. Steve Jobs had a unique vision, but Bill Gates had the insight to tap into the business world by creating a product that was cheaper and more efficient. Apple had the right idea back in the eighties, but they were too sure of themselves and missed out on some opportunities to truly succeed, especially by licensing its operating system. They could have created the enterprise that Bill Gates now dominates. Apple may have coined the phrase ‘personal computer’, but it failed to meet most people’s needs when the market was the most viable. 2)Can Apple Survive? Apple is slowly creating a niche for itself with the advent of the very popular iPod and now the new iPod Mini’s. The creation of the program iLife demonstrates that Apple is shifting its focus to the audio/visual/recording side of computing and they have the best software to offer when it comes to graphics. PC’s are, and probably will still be used largely in the business sector, mainly because they are more affordable, and more people know how to use them. Apple has special academic pricing and is therefore trying to lure students into their market. This is a smart move. If they get enough movement in the younger generations, then in 10 or so years the market may slowly change in their favor as more and more people are influenced by their predecessors. Another advantage that Apple has is their unique design and interesting ways to truly personalize and accessorize their computers. Today’s society is very materialistic and concerned with standing out from the crowd. Apple’s products can stand out and they will continue to survive. 3)If you were advising Jobs, what would you suggest? I would advise Jobs to be more humble in his approach to Apple computers. One of the main reasons he lost the market in the first place was that he was so confident of his computers that he didn’t think he had to worry about the competition. Those who use Macs are loyal and have almost formed a little club, a group of computer users that stand out from the rest because they realize that Macs are better computers in many ways. I believe that Jobs should better
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apple - 1)Why is Apple not a dominant provider of personal...

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