Exam%20One%20Study%20Qs%20Part%20II - Crime and Society...

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Crime and Society Fall 2007 Exam One Study Questions Part Two Criminal Homicide as a Situated Transaction On what does Luckenbill base his research? What does Luckenbill mean by the social occasion of criminal homicide? What stages does he identify in the situated performance? How does this research change how we typically view homicides? An Introduction to Theory What is theory? o What elements comprise a scientific theory? What are positive linear relationships? Negative linear relationships? Curvilinear relationships? What is explanatory power? How are scientific theories tested? Why is theory important? The Recent Rise and Fall of American Violence What are the major sources of crime data? What happened to the homicide rate over four decades? What elements may have contributed to the crime drop? In what ways? o Handguns? o Prisons? o Adult violence? o
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Exam%20One%20Study%20Qs%20Part%20II - Crime and Society...

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