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1600 Lecture Outline 11-28-07 Serving as Designated Leader Group-Centered, Democratic Leadership 1. Top Down vs Bottom Up 2. SERVING as Designated Leader 1. to act as a servant. 5. to render assistance; be of use; help. 12. to be in the service of; work for. 13. to be useful or of service to; help. 16. to render obedience or homage to (God, a sovereign, etc.). 19. to contribute to; promote: to serve a cause. 20. to wait upon at table; act as a waiter or waitress to. 24. to provide with a regular or continuous supply of something. [Origin: 1125–75; ME serven < OF servir < L servīre, equiv. to serv ( us ) slave (cf. SERF ) + -īre inf. suffix ] 3. Leader as Completer 4. Chapter 13 —A Near-Perfect Handbook.
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Three broad headings: Group-Centered, Democratic Leadership Responsibilities and Techniques of Discussion Leaders and Chairs Ethical Principles for Group Leaders Responsibilities and Techniques of Discussion Leaders and Chairs Four broad headings: General Information Administrative Duties Leading Discussions Developing the Group General Information Skillful Leadership requires Contingency planning Group purpose and goals. Member expectations. Member skills and maturity. Member involvement in the group’s work. The Leader’s skill and experience. The time factor. What makes a good leader? 1. Keep things focused. a. Define the group’s goal clearly b. Keep the goal alive 2. Build the team a. Fostering a collaborative climate b. Assure members feel safe to share and to disagree. 3. Build confidence in their members a. Make sure the group experiences success b. Assign important responsibilities to members c. Ensure that the team is well educated about the team’s issues. 4. Monitor the team’s interactions a. Check participation levels b. Build consensus c. Support critical thinking. 5.
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Serving%2520as%2520Designated%2520Leader%5b1%5d1 - 1600...

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