CHAP 23 Study Guide - History Study Guide Exam 2 CHAPTER 23...

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History Study Guide – Exam 2 CHAPTER 23 Long Telegram: letter from Kennan to Truman advising caution when dealing with Soviet’s and communism Containment: general United States strategy in the Cold War that called for containing Soviet expansion; originally devised by United States diplomat George F. Kennan. Iron Curtin: term coined by Winston Churchill to describe the Cold War divide between Western Europe and the Soviet Union’s eastern European satellites. The Truman Doctrine: President Truman’s program announced in 1947 offered aid to European countries —particularly Greece and Turkey—threatened by communism. Arthur Vandenberg: Senate leader that told Truman the only way Congress would support aid to Greece and Turkey is to “scare hell” into the American people The Marshall Plan: United States program for the reconstruction of post-WWII Europe through massive aid to former enemy nations as well as allies; proposed by Gen. George C. Marshall in 1947 GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades- proposed to stimulate freer trade among the participants, creating an enormous market for American goods and investments (participants- United States and 23 Western nations) Gen. Douglas MacArthur: “supreme commander” in the economic reconstruction of Japan; general in Korean War National Security Act (1947): authorized the reorganization of government to coordinate military branches and security agencies: created the National Security Council, the CIA and the National Military Establishment (Department of Defense) Berlin Blockade: the Soviets cut off rail traffic from American, British and French zones of occupied
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CHAP 23 Study Guide - History Study Guide Exam 2 CHAPTER 23...

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