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Ch1 Ch2 Partial Solution - Assignment 1 Solution Chapter 1...

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Assignment 1 Solution Chapter 1 Review Questions: 3. Contrast the following terms: a. Data dependence; data independence . With data dependence, data descriptions are included with the application programs that use the data, while with data independence the data descriptions are separated from the application programs. b. Structured data; unstructured data. Structured data is numeric, character, and dates data that is stored in tabular form. Unstructured data is multimedia data such as documents, maps, images, sound, etc. c. Repository; database . A repository is a centralized storehouse for all data definitions, data relationships, and other system components, while a database is an organized collection of logically related data. d. Entity; enterprise data model . An entity is an object or concept that is important to the business, while an enterprise data model is a graphical model that shows the high-level entities for the organization and the relationship among those entities. e. Data warehouse; ERP system . Both use enterprise level data. Data warehouses store historical data at a chosen level of granularity or detail, and are used for data analysis purposes, to discover relationships and
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Ch1 Ch2 Partial Solution - Assignment 1 Solution Chapter 1...

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