avocados - salt and pepper The second you can cut avocados...

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Monounsaturated fat Cleanse the body of acids Fuel your metabolism You should have at least one a day up to 3 or 5 for those with serious health conditions. Avocados are important in reaching and maintaining your ideal weight because they neutralize acids, protecting your body against the inevitable by- products of digestion, metabolism, and respiration Good evening everyone, I am Lan Yao. My topic is 3 easy ways to eat avocados. The first, you can eat avocados like any other fruits or add a little bit of
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Unformatted text preview: salt and pepper. The second, you can cut avocados into pieces to mix with your salad. The third, you can use avocados to make your own salad dressing. Just put avocados into the food processor mix with water, olive oil, salt and your favourite seasoning, then bland them. Or you can put less water to make a spread for your bread. In conclusion, you know avocados are healthy and easy to eat. Next time, when u shop, make sure to put avocados in your shopping chart....
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