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Homework of Ch3 P81 - about the members of your audience...

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BUSN 333-801       Professor: Marion Krien        Student Name: Lan Yao      Student #: 821 935  319 P 81 Practise Your Knowledge I will pay attention on the follow parts to improve this message, given the intended audience: Use simple, clear language, so that don’t have the potential to confuse with multiple meanings. Be brief, so that break information into smaller chunks that are easier for your reader to capture and translate. Avoid slang, idiomatic phrases, so that easier for the Hong Kong employees to understand my meaning. Avoid humour and other references to popular culture, so that make the communication smoother. This message is not audience-centered, because an audience-centered approach means focusing on and caring
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Unformatted text preview: about the members of your audience, making every effort to get your message across in a way that is meaningful to them. This is intercultural communication, but the style of the message by the boss assumes the Hong Kong employees have the same language skills and same culture background with her. The revised email message: Dear Ms. or Mrs. [last name]: We would like to welcome you to our [department name] department in Canada. We will be very excited to meet you in person. All of us in the department are very happy that we will get to know you soon. We would do our best to help you like Canada....
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