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Summary_BusComm_Ch10 CH11 new - BUSN 333-801 Professor:...

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Professor: Marion Krien Student Name: Lan Yao Student #: 821 935 319 Part IV Preparing reports and oral Presentations Ch.10 Planning Reports and Proposals Ch.11 Writing Reports and Proposals CHECKLIST: Adapting the three-step writing process to informational and analytical reports A. Analyze the situation Define your purpose clearly before you start writing Identify all of your goals in advance if you need to accomplish several in the report Prepare a work plan to guide your efforts B. Gather information Determine whether you need to launch a separate research project to collect the necessary information Reuse or adapt existing material whenever possible C. Select the right medium Base your decision on audience expectations (or requirements, as the case may be) Consider the need for commenting, revising, distributing , and storing Remember that the medium you choose also sends a message D. Organize your information Use a direct approach if your audience is receptive Use an indirect approach if your audience is skeptical Use an indirect approach when you don’t want to risk coming across as arrogant Combine approaches if that will help build support for your primary message The purpose of reports Provide a formal, verifiable link between people, places and files. Make sound decisions and find effective solution Send as present records 1. Source: Voluntary Report: on your own initiate contain more information. Authorized report: at someone’s request.
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Summary_BusComm_Ch10 CH11 new - BUSN 333-801 Professor:...

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