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BUSN 333-801       Professor: Marion Krien        Student Name: Lan Yao      Student #: 821 935 319 Part II Applying the Three-Step Writing Process Ch.4 Planning Business Messages Understanding the three-step writing process Your message must: have a purpose, focus on your audience, and be concise. The three-step writing process: ( F 4-1 P86 ) 1. Planning business messages. Analyze Select the right medium Organize the information 2. Writing business messages. Adapt to your audience Compose your message  3. Completing business messages Revise your message  Produce your message  Proofread your message  Distribute your message  Optimizing your writing time Planning effectively Analyzing your situation Defining your purpose General purpose: to inform, persuade, or collaborate with an audience. Specific purpose identifies: What you hope to accomplish with your message What your audience should do or think after receiving your message Five questions to test your purpose 1. Will anything change as a result of your message 2. is your purpose realistic 3. Is the time right 4. Is the right person delivering your message 5. Is your Purpose acceptable to your organization? If not, defer or not sending?
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Summary_BusComm_Ch4 - BUSN 333-801 Professor Marion Krien...

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