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Networking Summary - Module 1: Introduction to network...

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Module 1: Introduction to network management and data communications Preview Today’s organizations depend on reliable, secure telecommunications networks to achieve organizational strategies, meet objectives, and gain and maintain competitive advantage. In this module, you are introduced to the network management function, including the purpose of network management and your role in it. Next, the history and evolution of telecommunications are briefly reviewed, followed by an overview of data communications networks and network models and the importance of adhering to network standards when designing a network. The module also highlights some of the important future trends being evidenced in networking and concludes with some relevant points related to implications for management, in this case, ethics in technology. Knowledge objectives z Describe the purpose and list the primary tasks of network management. z Explain your role as a non-IT manager with respect to network management. z Relate the history and evolution of telecommunications to current and future trends. z Identify the five networking layers in accordance with the Internet model. z Explain how messages are communicated from sender to receiver using the five-layer Internet model. z Outline the current and future trends in networking. Skill competencies z Collect data on Internet use and the demographics of users. z Develop a collection of Web resources for researching current and future networking trends. z Classify networks by type, according to their size and scope. z Diagram the basic communications model.
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z Translate between common storage and transfer measurement units and calculate the time required to transfer a file of a given size. Professional values z Explain the importance of standards in networking and telecommunications. z List some ethical issues with respect to network communications. z Summarize critical issues related to network communications trends. z Explain the threats to privacy from an increased ability to compile personal information. Topics 1.1 Introduction to network management 1.2 History and evolution of telecommunications 1.3 Networks and network models 1.4 Network standards 1.5 Future trends 1.6 Implications for management Self-test preview At the end of this module, you will have the opportunity to check your understanding of the content of this module using self-testing. You may need to go online to do research to answer some questions. Suggested solutions are provided. You are not required to send in the self-tests. Reading and resources z It is best to study this module topic-by-topic, reading the assigned text pages for a topic first, and then reading the topic itself — unless directed otherwise. z
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Networking Summary - Module 1: Introduction to network...

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