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Business Process Integration - Introduction to Business...

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Introduction to Business Process Integration This is one of six information technology courses in the degree program for the Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Accounting and Information Technology, offered jointly by CGA-Canada and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). These courses are z Internet Applications z Network Management for Financial Managers z Database Management for Financial Managers z E-Business z Project Management for Financial Managers z Business Process Integration Course description This course focuses on enterprise systems and related technologies applied in a business setting. The goal of this course is to enable students to acquire an appreciation of managerial and technical issues in business process integration issues. The course focuses on existing and emerging enterprise systems concepts including supply chain management, customer relations management, and enterprise resource planning but is not designed to teach students how to use any specific software package. The course also provides guidance on business process integration for small- to medium-sized businesses. Prerequisites The prerequisite is the CGA Managing Information Systems [MS1] course or equivalent, including a general understanding of information systems, their strategic importance, how they are built, how they can be used, and key management issues. The course also assumes that students have used the Internet for messaging (e-mail) and information retrieval (from websites). In addition, the following are prerequisite SAIT courses: z Internet Applications [IA1/BCPT 381] z E-Business [EE1/ACCT 480] z Database Management for Financial Managers [DM1/ACCT 483] Delivery The course comprises ten modules that can be delivered over a ten-week period, one module per week. Each module should take between six to eight hours to complete, with about half of that time studying online information from websites. Business Process Integration Introduction · 1
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Textbook The text for this course is: Beth Gold-Bernstein and William Ruh, Enterprise Integration: The Essential Guide to Integration Solutions (Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley, 2005). Study Guide The Study Guide serves several purposes: z It provides guidance on text readings. z It supplements the text and provides more current information. z It covers topics not provided in the text. z It provides guidance with online work. z It provides assessment tools to measure learning and achievement. Online activities and issues Online activities are key to the acquisition of knowledge and skills for this course, and you are urged to carry them out as instructed. Many of the websites in the online activities provide up-to-date information that is not found in any book or other publication. The online activities are also designed to introduce you to websites that provide authoritative and accurate information that you can use as future references — even after the course is over. The Internet is full of useful information, but it is also
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Business Process Integration - Introduction to Business...

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