module 10 - Module 10 Outsourcing of enterprise integration...

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Module 10: Outsourcing of enterprise integration Preview So far in this course, you have focused on two ways that organizations can integrate their systems: z by adapting an enterprise system (ES) to accomplish fully- integrated back-office systems and forward-facing or front-office systems providing customer support z by deploying enterprise integration A third option is available — outsourcing . Once you have participated with the organization to develop a clear view of where it is at and where it needs to be relative to its competitive position, you are positioned to help the organization identify the available transition paths and available options within each path. As an accountant, you will be called upon to help your organization navigate through these decisions. Courses in this program such as Network Management for Financial Managers [BCPT 385/NM1] , Project Management for Financial Managers [ACCT487/PM1] , E-Business [ACCT 480/EE1] , and advanced accounting courses prepare you to participate and to be a meaningful contributor in important decisions such as "What IT direction should the organization pursue in terms of increasing its competitive advantage?" To this end, the final module in this course is devoted to outsourcing and how this path may provide organizational benefits not available from any other path. In this module, the term "outsourcing" is limited to its application in business process outsourcing, frequently termed BPO. A decision framework for choosing among outsourcing alternatives is presented. Then special aspects of outsourcing in manufacturing, Internet services, sales, procurement, and human resources management are illustrated. Knowledge objectives z Explain the difference between shared services and business process outsourcing. z Develop a decision framework that can be used to identify outsource opportunities. z Identify the major business processes being outsourced today. z Explain business process outsourcing alternatives. z Cite examples of outsourcing opportunities. Skills competencies Business Process Integration Module 10 • 1
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z Compare and contrast the benefits of outsourcing to { internally-generated enterprise integration { acquisition and deployment of an ES z Develop criteria to aid in selecting an outsource provider. Professional value z Identify risks and propose safeguards related to the protection of personal data and matters of privacy when outsourcing human resources management. Topics Final project preview At the end of this module, you are required to complete (and submit for marking) a final project. The project will require you to use knowledge and skills covered in this course including what you learned from the activities and related issues. The final project will account for 35% of your final course mark. Reading and research
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module 10 - Module 10 Outsourcing of enterprise integration...

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