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MODULE 1: Business process integration — an introduction Preview In this module, you will trace the growth path of information systems from simple, departmental-based systems to those that are pre-built and fully integrated across the whole organization or enterprise. These enterprise-wide (or simply, enterprise) systems extend across the traditional boundaries of departments, divisions, and branch locations. They are essential to the integration and support of business processes across the enterprise. Although the terminology in this field is still fluid, this expanded and integrated system will be referred to as an enterprise system (it spans and brings together the whole enterprise). You will also come to understand how the linkage of enterprise systems from two or more organizations can support the flow of work in what is known as the extended enterprise. In addition, you will be introduced to the concept of "best-of-breed." You will also be introduced to the growth of integrated business processes as driven by organizational strategy that aims to increase business agility, thereby reinforcing or propelling competitive advantage. The integration of information systems to support business processes is a very complex undertaking. This module introduces how the enterprise system overcomes some of these difficulties and how the enterprise system needs to integrate with other information systems to support the extended enterprise. Knowledge objectives z Describe how management information systems evolved into enterprise systems. z Describe approaches used by information technology to integrate business processes. z Describe the purpose of business process management. z Describe the impact that standards have on integrating information technology. z Summarize the issues of integrating disparate information systems. z Identify the business drivers that continue to move integration forward. Skill competency z Evaluate the organizational readiness of an organization for an enterprise system. Professional values Business Process Integration Module 1 • 1
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z None specific to this module. Topics 1.1 Background of business process integration 1.2 Integration of disparate RDBMS 1.3 Business process integration technologies 1.4 Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or enterprise system (ES) 1.5 Integration of enterprise systems 1.6 Business drivers 1.7 Process standards 1.8 Module summary Self-test preview At the end of this module, you will have the opportunity to check on your understanding of the content of this module using a self-test (true/false, multiple-choice, issue/scenario, and online research items). You will need to go online to do some research to answer some questions. Suggested solutions are provided. You do not send in the self-tests. Reading and research
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module 1 - MODULE 1 Business process integration an...

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