9-8-08 - Psychology 206 Class Notes 9/8/08 Todays agenda...

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Psychology 206 – Class Notes – 9/8/08 Today’s agenda Exercise 4 (Thursday drinking) questions? Exercise 3 feedback Conclusions? Say “caused” “causal relationship” – SAY caused this causal relationship – be obvious about it. Focus on only those variables mentioned in the scenario (if sex is not mentioned, it was NOT a variable) If there was no causal relationship, then we can’t prove that sex CAUSED the relationship. Then you can go on to say that the results are consistent with cause and effect (causality). More help with types of variables! Suggestion about posting completed exercises on SAKAI after returned. Are there independent variables, are there quasi-independent variables? – These questions are almost ALWAYS present, there might now necessarily BE independent or quasi-independent variables. Answer yes or no. HOW TO PREPARE FOR QUIZZES Know terms that are in bold Things mentioned in chapter summary - These are important How to prepare for quizzes/tests? Terms in bold – important – MAKE FLASH CARDS Primarily stressing – class notes, in-class exercises, and the homework exercises What she will be primarily stressing – in-class notes, worksheets and also the EXERCISES. The exams will echo the exercises. If she talked about it in class – VERY IMPORTANT NEED TO KNOW VOCABULARY * Look at the practice quiz #1.
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TODAY’S NOTES: Hypothetical construct is VERY abstract Variable – more concrete than hypothetical construct, but not as precise as an operational definition. Operational definition
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9-8-08 - Psychology 206 Class Notes 9/8/08 Todays agenda...

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