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10-17-08 - When asked about “what score,” the problem...

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Psychology 206 – Class Notes – 10/17/08 TODAY: Random assignment and Random sampling (exercise #14) Z scores – 2 nd type of problem – THERE WILL BE ONE OF THIS TYPE OF PROBLEM ON THE QUIZ Exercise #15 For Monday: Quiz 2 (Chapters 7, 8, 9) Optional Exercise #16 (everyone gets 3 points) Sunday at 8:00 P.M : Help session Work on Optional Exercise #16 Normal room or room 110 in Carnegie Hall Main focus: working through problems on exercise #16 QUIZ- MAIN TOPICS : Central Tendency Variability Z scores FOR QUIZ : If asked for conclusions: Causality? o Causal conclusions can/cannot be made because of random assignment Generalizability? o Generalizable to the larger population? Be sure to state why!
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Z SCORE Z = (X – u) / pop. Std. deviation 1. Solve for Z (what we have been doing so far) 2. Solve for X (given some type of area or value that allows you to determine X) EXAMPLE PROBLEMS 2 different types of problems (see above)
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Unformatted text preview: When asked about “what score,” the problem is asking for you to solve for X • Middle 80% - The distribution is symmetrical, so 40% on each side • More extreme refers to the two tails! • What scores cut off the most extreme .05? o Then you divide this given value by two in order to get BOTH TAILS! • Bottom 80% refers to 80% measured from the left (negative side) o Bottom 80% also refers to the 80% tile o A score asked in regards to the bottom 80%, the question is the same as asking for a percentile! What score cuts off the bottom x% of the distribution? IS THE SAME AS…. What is the x percentile? • If you are looking for a score that cuts off the top 2.5%, you would look up the area (0.0250) and read the Z score that corresponds to that value. Then you use that Z score in your Z-score formula to solve for X....
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10-17-08 - When asked about “what score,” the problem...

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