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10-27-08 - Psychology 206 Class Notes EXERCISE#18...

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Psychology 206 – Class Notes – 10/27/08 EXERCISE #18 Restriction of Range Regression Analysis For Wednesday: Continue reading Chapter 11 Do Exercise #19 http://wwwduxbury.com/authors/mcclellandg/tiein/johnson/correlation.htm Exam #2 November 5 th , 2008 (Wednesday) EXERCISE #18 Population parameters and sample statistics Sample Population M µ S^2 and S (pop. Variance) and (pop. Std. dev.) s^2 and s Unbiased estimators (for the population) r p (rho) – pearson correlation coefficient for the population – calculation is the same as for the sample ( r ) Restriction of range o http://www.sci.csueastbay.edu/~jkwon/classes/stat_2010/Display/SS/Keller6/ SeeingStatistics/correlationPointsDisplay.htm 3 possible types of calculations : Calculate population parameters Calculate sample statistics Estimate Population parameters – unbiased estimators If you have a restriction of range, often you will get a much lower “r” value than you normally would.
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