11-19-08 - Entrepreneurship Class Notes 11/19/08...

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Entrepreneurship – Class Notes – 11/19/08 Franchising – Chapter 11 Franchisor o Are able to provide the franchisee with the concept Supply the business model and business system Is able to apply it to local markets o License agreement between franchisor and franchisee o Is able to send out field experts to make sure franchisee is following the system o Provide quality tests o National, regional, and local advertising o Franchisee o Implement the concept – implement the rules and procedures, be faithful o Pay royalties to the franchisor The success of one affects/influences the success of the other Measuring the market Look at the demographic profile The importance Due diligence – analyze the success of the franchisor o Do your homework! SDS – service delivery system o The system that you are trying to standardize and deliver Franchisor will often have economies of scale – huge benefit for franchisees it securing supplies Transaction analysis
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11-19-08 - Entrepreneurship Class Notes 11/19/08...

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