1-27-09 - Psychology 170 Class Notes RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY...

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Psychology 170 – Class Notes – 1/27/09 RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: Once you complete the study, put a 1 sentence summary of the Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 6 – 8:30 Come in anytime between 6 and 8:30 P.M Room 110 Under assignments tabs – “ Jill’s Tatoo Research YOU HAVE TO DO 5 OF THESE RESEARCH PROJECTS Last Thursday: Biomedical Model - Empirically driven and Theoretically driven treatments - FOR THE EXAMS : You need to understand the material, not just memorize. Fundamental belief that he was trying to undermine: If it works, use it. He was trying to undermine medicine as a science – it’s a lot of guesswork – trial and error it’s not science in the traditional sense Much of our biomedical understanding comes from trial and error. He is not trying to degenerate the medical approach to clinical psychology. TODAY – psychodynamic model Psychoanalytic – refers to Freud’s ideas and his immediate followers Psychodynamic – not just those who immediately follow Freud’s ideas, but also those who are influenced by their ideas. The different stages of Freud – not that important.
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Psychodynamic model: 1. Unconscious – There is a part of you that you are not aware of that drives your behavior. This is now part of our culture. Clinically, this is a really useful concept. 2. Meaningfulness of human creation – Dreams, artistic productions, and symptoms. a. Symptoms are not just the result of random misfiring. They have meaning and if you understand these symptoms, you can treat 3. Defenses – We spend a lot of our psychological energy on preventing anxiety, preventing feeling bad. 4. Relationships – None of the models except the psychodynamic model actually focus on relationships. These 4 components are important for clinical study These 4 components cannot be tested. Freud’s idea of the structure of the psyche: The vast majority of your mind is totally out of your awareness (the unconscious) The unconscious – things that drive your behavior without you being aware of it. Memories
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1-27-09 - Psychology 170 Class Notes RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY...

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