2-5-09 - Psychology 170 Class Notes Case study due next...

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Psychology 170 – Class Notes – 2/5/09 Case study due next Thursday (2/12/09) He will not be here on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday next week RECALL: Psychological assessments: o Projective testing – helps get passed people who are not telling you something People might reveal something about their personality that they might not even know about themselves Projection psychodynamic concept Works particularly well with children Kids are not particularly verbal you can understand what is going on with children, even though they might not tell you much during the interview o play therapy ” – children work through their issues by using toys and acting Diagnosis (based on projective testing - drawing) – helps you with treatment planning If you know if there is a lot of anger involved, psychosis, gender issues, etc, then you can sort of plan your treatment strategy You CANNOT say (conclusively) that someone has a problem based on projective tests (like the drawings) TAT – Thematic Apprehension Test WAS a major projective test A series of cards (usually 10) Pictures that are ambiguous Make up a story (beginning, middle, and an end) o Write down everything the person says The 10 stories different themes start to emerge o What are the themes that come up o What is the person trying to achieve by telling the stories Takes a REALLY long time – is expensive
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Rorschach Ink Blot Test – developed by Hermann Rorschach Projective hypothesis – take an ambiguous stimulus o “Tell me what you see (in the ink blot)” Listen to what people say and interpret o Very specific steps you have to take Interpretation theory – The people who see “these” tend to be like “this” Can the person see something that is consensual (common)? o Does the person use the whole blot or just a portion? Used less because it is expensive END OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT BIOMEDICAL ASSESSMENT Several pages about the biomedical assessment o You should recognize the treatments and be able to differentiate between them There is some kinds of brain damage visible via a CAT scan It’s very useful to determine if gibberish is due to brain damage or due to
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2-5-09 - Psychology 170 Class Notes Case study due next...

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