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In the beginning of September, we watched a “Brain Video” in class. I remember two important points from that video being: the brain will lose wiring if it’s not used early in life and also brain cells are waiting to form connections. I found this interesting, because I was unaware that we were capable of so much at a young age, and if we don’t use it, our cells that hold the capacity for some skills, fade away. As an elementary education major (I have no focus on foreign language), I think it is important to figure out how to utilize those cells in the early years. Children are capable of so much while their cells are still fresh; I believe we need to employ a strategy to make
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Unformatted text preview: the best of these cells. The most obvious would be to teach a foreign language at a young age. Starting in foreign language in eighth grade is ludicrous when the capacity for fluently developing a second language is so prevalent in the preschool years. I think the concepts I learned in the brain video will be helpful to me as a future teacher. Knowing what children are competent of at such a young age, I would consider myself a failure as a teacher if I didnt push them to learn as much as they could at a young age....
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