3-3-09 - Psychology Class Notes 3/3/2009 Greenberg talks...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 3/3/2009 Greenberg – talks about the placebo effect Placebo effect – VERY REAL – you give someone a drug and if they believe it is a drug that can help them, it will actually help them. When testing the effectiveness of a medication, you always test it by giving a placebo to a control group and then administering the drug to the experimental group o If the people receiving the placebo believe that the placebo works, then it will have a CLINICAL VS. STATISTICAL SIGNIFICANCE : o BIG QUESTION: Is the drug better or beats the placebo effect? If no, then why are we using the medication? o If you have a big enough sample and you give half the placebo and the other half the actual drug. o The difference may be statistically significant, but the question is, how meaningful are the statistics regarding the claim that the drug works better than the placebo HOW MUCH DIFFERENCE IS THERE PRIMARY QUESTION Why does the FDA approve an antidepressant drug even if the difference between the placebo-controlled group and the experimental group (those given the drug) is NOT LARGE o There are people out there suffering RIGHT NOW and so we want to help them as soon as possible (don’t withhold a new drug that has the potential to help people). o DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY is the research design that is NECESSARY to test for a significant difference between the experimental group and the placebo controlled group. People who have a disorder, reach out and try to understand themselves by explaining the their problems in terms of a particular disorder (often NO ESSAYS Hypochondriasis Munchausen’s syndrome – Someone who wants - Legendary German figure – translated into meaning – someone who creates disorders of themselves to get attention o Sometimes Munchausen syndrome by proxy – Getting attention by hurting others
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VIDEO – DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE TOPIC: PID Subject : Mary Diagnosis : Satanic ritual abuse – “The search for Satan” 3 years in psychiatric wards – victim of satanic ritual abuse – she was raised in a satanic cult – abused people that she loved It was like going into a deep abyss – no end – a bottomless pit of horrors She really believed that she would end up in a psychiatric ward or as a homeless person when her insurance runs out 8 year old son lived in a suburban neighborhood just outside of Chicago Husband and wife had a good relationship and a good relationship with their son 1988 – Mary fell into a deep depression – not being able to eat, lost a lot of weight, not able to concentrate Found a counselor recommend by a friend Anxiety was getting worse Therapist thought she was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder Rush North Shore Medical Center Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) Therapist - Roberta Sacks
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3-3-09 - Psychology Class Notes 3/3/2009 Greenberg talks...

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