3-26-09 - Psychology Class Notes Religion and Sex Both...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 3/26/09 Religion and Sex – Both significantly influence one’s sexual behavior Religion Very personal and important aspect of some people Sexuality Also messes people up Conflict between desires, needs and the taboos of society o 10 years or longer period of time People have sexual urges and feelings and o When you have to postpone these needs for a longer period of time Idea: society causes the problem in the first place and then punishes the person when they develop a disorder as a result of suppressing feelings and urges Region of insanity if you had any sexual feelings at all, you were considered insane (at one time long ago in the past) Women with sexual interests used to be considered insane Sex was supposed to be for procreational reasons and not recreational Historical Context of Sexuality: Sex with animals Oral sex Homosexuality Heterosexuality Even in the past, there have always been a conflict between those desires and the taboos of society Sexuality has always caused some conflict for some people
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“Normal” Sexuality Recreational, rather than procreational Sexuality is on a continuum People have different preferences o Due to past experiences: rewards and punishers The “orgasm” is the ultimate physical reward when someone has an orgasm, their behavior is being reinforced o Societal whims and fancies What is normal in one society is NOT normal in another society Example: In one society (Tahiti) the youngest son of a family of all males is raised as a girl. Society accepts this male as a female and this practice is encouraged o Delaying gratification may lead to seeking out other options What turns people on in one era or society can change over time o Social-cultural context predisposes us to respond in a particular way (see next two slides) Western society – bikini and bathing suits attractive considered attractive here Kissing on the mouth – good o Other countries – not good Middle East – women covered up considered attractive there
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3-26-09 - Psychology Class Notes Religion and Sex Both...

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