4-2-09-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes 4/2/09 Antisocial...

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Psychology 205 – Class Notes – 4/2/09 Antisocial personality disorder Does George fit the criteria for Antisocial personality disorder? Criteria: Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors Deceitfulness Impulsivity Irritability or aggressiveness Reckless disregard for safety Irresponsibility Lack of remorse Etiology (the source of the disorder): Easy access to: deadly weapons (sawed-off 14 shotgun, switchblades, knives (13 knives), all kinds of weapons), drugs/alcohol at an early age Used weapons to solve his problems Drugs/alcohol affected his brain Parents were gone most of the time (gone during the day) – the mother was gone during the day and didn’t know what her son did during the day. Very little supervision – always was trying to fend for himself His father collected knives Lack of supe rvision – very often associated with antisocial personality disorder – o In order to take care of himself, he felt he had to be very tough Mentality “If I don’t care of myself, then no one will” Two factors: Temperaments (Nature) Temperament Character Inventory (TCI) – we are born with a predisposition to react to certain stimuli in different ways o Antisocial personality disorder – high genetic component from generation to generation Most people who are born with the biological predisposition (or the temperament) do NOT develop antisocial personality disorder Thus, something in the environment protects him Environment (Nurture) – The environment has a significant effect on behavior as well – even though someone is predisposed to act a certain way (temperament) o The way someone is raised - environment
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Diagnosis and Symptoms: Antisocial Personality Disorder o He meets all of the criteria. Symptoms:
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4-2-09-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes 4/2/09 Antisocial...

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