4-9-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes 4/9/09 The exam is much...

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Psychology 205 – Class Notes – 4/9/09 The exam is much more book based Very fact-based (what is this…??) He is going to throw out 5 questions just add 5 points 8% bump Much more fact-based questions START EXAM #4 MATERIAL – PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS Schizophrenia – Florid (symptoms) – when a psychiatric patient is not actively medicated yet o Vivid symptoms, symptoms that are active, symptoms that are untreated o Very pronounced, observable symptoms Florid Schizophrenics often have idiosyncratic logic – specific to this particular person - this is not normal logic – this is logic that is different from the generally accepted system of logic This system of logic makes as much sense to them as our system of logic does to us This is NOT a flawed system of logic – it is just DIFFERENT Example: Perfectly logical for schizophrenic to stab his grandchildren to silence them They will say or do something bizarre, but to them, it is not A lot of their thinking is very similar to our system of logic – most of it makes sense, most of it is clear, except for a little twist o There a few crazy, exceptional idiosyncratic, flawed differences between normal logic and their logic Two main features of schizophrenia: Delusions Hallucinations People with hallucinations cannot tell the difference their hallucination and reality It is as real, seemingly like reality, as it is to normal people People with schizophrenia – a lot of them are UNABLE to differentiate between psychotic symptoms and who they “really are” (the real person, personality)
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Schizophrenia: “Madness” Madness has a significant definition that applies to only a very small proportion actually has “ madness o Worldwide prevalence of schizophrenia – 1% (out of all populations worldwide) Very strong biological component since the disorder is prevalent on a global scale Historical Background Schizophrenia is a human condition that has been around for a long time (even since Biblical times) Kreckman , when he coined the term schizophrenia, he meant what people have is: a break or departure from reality and it affects almost every aspect of the person: o Behavior o Emotion and feelings o Thinking o Relationships with other people Split between reality and fantasy
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4-9-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes 4/9/09 The exam is much...

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