4-16-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes Treatment of...

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Psychology 205 – Class Notes – 4/16/09 Treatment of Schizophrenia Most disturbing symptoms: Main focus of treatment Starting point: psychotropic or antipsychotic medication Principle point of using medication =- arrest the symptoms in preparation for psychological intervention – manage the symptoms, helping the person become stabilized, but THE CAUSE IS STILL THERE o If the person is having hallucinations and delusions, treatment is NOT EFFECTIVE – they cannot engage in the treatment We can address the causes by going over stressful events and problems in the person’s life The causes are BIOLOGICAL Main focus of psychological intervention o Individual Help the individual understand and manage the symptoms Help the individual understand the importance of staying on their medication With treatment: o Physical improvement in health The individual is able to take care of him/herself o Improve psychological health Cognitive intervention: o Argue with the person, confront and challenge the person’s logic and symptoms This is not effective because they have an idiosyncratic system of logic IT is NOT possible to approach their problems in a logical way John Nash – KNOW THIS PERSON o Make use of cognitive interventions o He claims that he cured himself of schizophrenia by arguing with himself – he challenged his own thoughts and beliefs
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4-16-09 - Psychology 205 Class Notes Treatment of...

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