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Psychology 170 – Class Notes – 4/21/09 Video Case Presentation – Childhood Disorders Munchausen by proxy She was being treated for a digestive disorder – couldn’t absorb food properly Over 30 different operations Seizures Hospitalized over 200 times If the child’s physical condition improves dramatically after being isolated from the parents, that is significant evidence for Munchausen by proxy The child was being abused The bush family was abusing the child Very emotional The mother was giving the child medications that the kid SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN causing disorders Munchausen - person fakes a disorder to get attention – factitious disorder – Munchausen by proxy – cause symptoms in another person in order to get attention for taking care of the affected individual Little girl - More than 1118 nonsurgical treatments 640 days in the hospitals Do you think Kathleen Bush was guilty of child abuse? Absolutely. She was giving the child Because of the mother’s need for attention, the little girl suffered considerable physical and psychological damage. When the child was isolated from the mother, the girl’s symptoms greatly improved (vanished)
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What symptoms did the daughter have that you think were induced by her mother. Digestive symptoms, couldn’t eat, 30 surgeries, many hospitalizations, seizures (as by-product medications given by her mother), 1118 nonsurgical treatments Feeding tube Seizures Trouble swallowing Didn’t digest stuff right Tubes in the ears o These symptoms were often unrelated to any particular disorder Did the daughter participate in the illnesses that were created? Why or why not? No she did not participate. She did whatever her mother wanted to do. Her mother made I fun for her. She didn’t know why she was doing these things. She was so used to all the abuse that it became second nature. The daughter was getting a lot of reinforcement for being ill – she was getting a lot of attention that made her feel like she was important. She was proud that she has had all of these symptoms THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE NOT BEING ABUSED it means the child has been seduced into being abused. * Eventually, the child will realize that there is more to life than fulfilling the role of the “abused” One factor: Any needs of the parents might be fulfilled by inducing abuse to fulfill a psychological need or problem Developmental Psychopathology Are the symptoms of the child developmentally appropriate? At certain times, anxiety (for example) is normal
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4-21-09 - Psychology 170 Class Notes Video Case...

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