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EC 1 - understood how children so young could recognize...

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In early September, we learned about different characteristics of newborn babies including their hearing and visible environment, “baby talk,” and impacts and limits of newborns. The baby’s visible environment stuck out specifically to me. I have been a babysitter for the same family for six years, since the oldest child was two months old and for as long as I can remember these children have been able to recognize their mother and fathers voice from far away. I work in a nursery at their parents’ physical therapy clinic, so the parents are just one room away and all three children, as newborns would cry and fuss when they heard mom or dad laughing with a patient or walking by the nursery holding a conversation. I never
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Unformatted text preview: understood how children so young could recognize their parents voice from such a distance until I took this class. We learned that babies begin to recognize people and their environment from the moment of birth. They pay attention to their visible environment and anticipate patterns. This became very evident when they got a little bit older and the chime on their clock would indicate that they only had a few more minutes until mommy came in to take them home. I think it’s truly fascinating how children, even more so babies, are so perceptive at such a young age....
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