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It is completely acceptable for children to develop and learn at different times. The Principles of Development (particularly #1- there are individual schedules for each child; not every child learns at the same time) help clarify this, as well as personal experience. My younger brother and I are two and half years apart and we learned at completely different times. According to my mom, Tim started saying several complete words at around 12 months. Me, on the other hand, didn’t start communicating real words until I was about 15 months. As far as crawling and walking, I started both about a month and a half before my brother did. Neither one of these facts makes Tim a better talker or me a better walker today.
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Unformatted text preview: The development times are just different for all infants and children and the Principle of Development help demonstrate that. There are several principles, but another one that aids in the argument that children develop at different times is: quality of interactions contributes at least as much as quantity of interacts. The more sincere you are about working with your kids on talking, crawling and walking, the better chances they have of developing early. Tim and I developed at different times, sometimes he developed sooner and sometimes I did, but we are both very similar today in our development of skills we learned as a newborn. The Principles of Development define and help reinforce this theory....
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