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Peer relations are so drastically different through out ones lifetime. From 0-6 months infants will cry at another infant crying, while at 16-17 years we look to friends from emotional support. The in-betweens of infancy to adolescence are even more confusing, however. The older children are often set on having same-sex relations, whereas as soon as you get into your pubescent pre-teen stage, all you can think about is the opposite sex and relationships with them. I see it mostly in birthday parties with kids. I think from the time I was around seven to about eleven I had my birthday parties at nail salons and then came
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Unformatted text preview: back to my house for princess cake. My brother on the other hand spent many pre-pre-teen birthdays at paintball fields or go-kart racing. For my twelfth birthday party, I had a party at the roller rink and there was a special skate where you had to hold hands for. It was such a big deal then and quite different from my pink princess themed party the year before. Peer relationships and social interaction change so drastically throughout a persons young life (infancy to adolescence) on when its okay to hold hands or when boys have cooties....
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