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EC 4 - can be prevented in that child Another example would...

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Biological versus environmental influences, I believe, is one of the most difficult distinctions to make in child psychology. It has been more or less accepted that it is a combination of both that influences development, but I want to look at the reasons why. Alcoholism, for example, is said to be genetically inherited. But what if a child who was born into a family with an alcoholic parent was introduced to Alateen or what if the alcoholic parent didn’t have a significant role in the child’s life? I believe that alcoholism
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Unformatted text preview: can be prevented in that child. Another example would be traits like stubbornness or passive aggressive. My brother and dad are both very stubborn, but I believe, if put in the right environment with understanding, that my brother can overpower the unattractive trait that my dad has passed on. In my opinion, biology has the strongest impact on development in people, but the environmental factors should be enough to subdue some of the unattractive traits and genes we receive and develop some of the strong traits we receive....
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