Practicum 1 - Tara Larkin BBH 119 Practicum Group 2 October...

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Tara Larkin BBH 119 Practicum Group 2 October 2, 2007 Myth: Your heart stops beating when you sneeze. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t think your heart stopped when you sneezed. I’m sure it was just some factoid of knowledge that I picked up in elementary school or heard from my brother, but I’ve always held that belief. I always thought that is why people say “God Bless you,” because when you sneezed, your heart stopped. So I wanted to know, does your heart really stop when you sneeze? How long does it stop for? Could it ever stop for good? I began my search on wikipedia, the website that knows it all, truth or myth. From there I used the famous google search. I looked up words such as, sneeze, medical myths and sneeze + heart stop. I figured websites containing information about sneezes might go over the physiology of a sneeze. This also accounts for my search on sneeze + heart stop. I also figured that if it was a myth, it would be a popular one, hence the search for medical myths. After a very conclusive search, I realized that no, your heart does not stop when you sneeze. There were only a couple of sites that claimed this myth and they were all type I sites and many of them were opinion sites were the random public could write in whatever they wanted to say. Even some of the type I sources claimed it was a myth. However, I reached my conclusion when every other website, including education pages and medical websites discredited the myth. Now I will go through each of my sources and explain their validity or lack there of.
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Find the Truth Behind Medical Myths This particular page on this website lists a handful of different medical myths and discredits all of them. In the paragraph on my myth, it discusses exactly what happens when you sneeze and says sneezing causes an increase in pressure but does not stop your heart. This would be classified as a type III source. From an educational, medical website
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Practicum 1 - Tara Larkin BBH 119 Practicum Group 2 October...

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