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Chpt 7 Elements in the periodic table are arranged in order of ATOMIC NUMBER The atomic radiuses of main-group increases down a group because: THE PRINCIPAL QUATUM NUMBER OF THE VALENCE ORBITALS INCREASES. ALKALI METALS have the lowest first ionization energies of the groups in the table Nonmetals can be SOLID, LIQUID, and GAS at room temperature. ALKALINE EARTH METALS form BASIC OXIDES. Na is more apt to exist as a cation than chlorine. This is because Cl has a greater ionization energy than Na does. H2 is always produced when an active metal reacts with water. Na is solid at room temp, forms an oxide when exposed to air, H gas evolves when it reacts with H2O, and it must be stored in oil. Alkaline earth metals form basic oxides H is unique because it’s not a member of any group, its electron is not at all shielded form its nucleus, has chemical properties of those of groups 1A and 7A.
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