Week 6 - Week 6(11/29 12/5 1 Read Visions Module 4 Drama...

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Week 6 (11/29 – 12/5) 1) Read : Visions Module 4 Drama Elements - Pgs. 227-236 Character/Action - Pgs. 243-253 Plot/Conflict - Pgs. 260-267 Setting/Staging - Pgs. 273-284 Question: Discuss the key elements in drama. What are they? Character . Characters are the people that are involved in the play. There are two types of characters: flat characters and rounded characters. Flat characters are the type that does not change in the play. Unlike flat characters, round characters are more complicated and they undergo changes in the play. The characters in a play that do change are dynamic. Usually the protagonist undergoes the greatest change. The characters that do not change are static characters. In a play you will find the protagonist who is the main character and the antagonist who is a rounded character that opposes the protagonist. Tragic hero . This character is usually the protagonist. He is almost perfect in the play, except for one flaw called the tragic flaw. Sometimes this flaw is seen as pride or arrogance; a double-edged flaw. This is something about the character, but it will bring him to his downfall. Theme. The theme is the meaning of the play. It is what the author is trying to show the reader about something. In fewer words, it is the author's meaning. Plot
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Week 6 - Week 6(11/29 12/5 1 Read Visions Module 4 Drama...

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