Week 3 - Assignment 1 Chapter 16 Thesis statement: The...

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Assignment 1 Chapter 16 Thesis statement: The purpose and uses of conciseness I. The definition of conciseness A. Sentences should direct to the point II. There are common expressions that reduce conciseness III. Sentence structures usually work against conciseness A. Sentence structures can lead to wordiness B. Avoid expletive constructions 1. They start with it or there followed by the verb to be D. Avoid the passive voice IV. Revising for conciseness A. Eliminate unplanned repetition 1. It delivers the message more than once B. Revise by combining sentences C. Revise by shortening clauses D. Revise by shortening phrases and cutting words V. Verbs affect conciseness A. To be and to have are weak verbs that lead to wordiness Chapter 17 Thesis statement: The use of coordination and subordination I. Coordination A. Communicates two or more independent clauses strategically B. It brings elements together to produce harmony II. Each coordinating conjunction has its own meaning III. Major misuses of coordination A. Unrelated independent clauses are coordinated B. Stringing sentences together with coordination conjuctions IV. Subordination in sentences A. Communicating that one idea in one sentence is more important than the other V. The structure of a subordinate sentence A. The sentence starts with a dependent clause using a subordinating conjunction VI. Major misuses of subordination A. The subordinating conjunction does not communicate the relationship between the independent clause and the dependent clause B. The sentence gives too many ideas about something
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Chapter 18 Thesis statement: Take a look at parallelism I. Parallelism A. It is the writing of words, phrases or clauses within a sentence to match in their grammatical forms II. Balanced sentences A. Parallelism in which contrasting content is delivered B. Balanced sentences use coordination III. Parallelism delivers impact A. Parallel structures emphasize the meaning that sentences deliver IV. Avoiding faulty parallelism A. Use parallelism correctly with coordinating conjunctions 1. Write the words that accompany coordinating conjunctions in matching grammatical forms a. Incorrect: love and being married go together
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Week 3 - Assignment 1 Chapter 16 Thesis statement: The...

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