Week 5 - Week 5 (11/22 11/28) 1) Read: Visions Module 3...

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Week 5 (11/22 – 11/28) 1) Read : Visions Module 3 Poetry Prosody/Form - Pgs. 179-188 Myth/Symbolism/Allusion - Pgs. 196-202 Theme - Pgs. 209-217 Question: Define theme as it relates to poetry. What is the difference between a poem’s theme and its subject? In poetry, the theme is what the author is trying to tell the reader. In other words it’s the meaning of the poem. However, in poetry the theme harder to figure out because unlike in short story the theme in poetry is more derived from imagery and figurative language. It also depends on rhythm and sound. In a poem the subject is what the author is talking about and the theme is what he is trying to tell you about the subject. Further, discuss how the theme of a poem and the theme of a short story are similar or different. In poetry the theme is less direct than it is in the short story and fiction. It is harder to figure out, but it is not impossible to understand. Poems are made of familiar words, syntax, images, comparisons and allusions. You as a reader will define your own theme of the poem in a way that you can understand better. In poetry the character can be in either the first or third person. To identify how the character and setting relate to the theme you have to identify what’s in the point.
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Week 5 - Week 5 (11/22 11/28) 1) Read: Visions Module 3...

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