Week 2 - ASSIGNMENT 1 Chapter 1 Thesis Statement: Thinking...

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ASSIGNMENT 1 Chapter 1 Thesis Statement : Thinking about purposes and audiences I. Understanding the elements of writing A. Communicating a message for a purpose to readers 1. Communicating is sending a message 2. Message is writing what you want to communicate 3. Purpose is giving information for the readers 4. Readers are who you communicate the message to II. Understanding purposes for writing A. To express yourself 1. Express thoughts and feelings B. To inform the readers 1. To give information and sometimes explain it C. To persuade the readers 1. To convince the readers about a matter of opinion 2. Change the readers’ minds or bring them close to your point of view D. To create a literacy network III. Understanding audiences for writing A. Understand the general reading public 1. Readers are people with different interests a. Some of them always have knowledge on your writing B. Understanding specialists and readers 1. People that have advanced knowledge on what you write C. Understanding your peers as readers 1. Other students can give you feedback on your writing in order to improve it D. Understanding your instructor as a reader 1. Instructors will help you improve your writing 2. Very knowledgeable in writing; keep it at the best level possible IV. Understanding the effect of tone A. What you are trying to communicate to your audience B. The words used in your writing 1. The must fit the message and the audience V. Using outside sources for writing A. Using library, internet or other material for your writing. B. Be careful on outside sources since it might become plagiarism 1. Taking ideas from outside sources without specifically giving credit to the outside source
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Chapter 2 Thesis statement: Planning and shaping I. Understanding the writing process A. Writing is a process that involves thinking and rearranging the writing many times 1. The better you understand the process the better writer you become II. Adjusting for each writing situation A. Think about the writing situation 1. What will you write about? 2. What is the purpose of your writing? 3. Who will be the audience? 4. Are there any special requirements? III. Thinking a topic through for writing A. Make a sound decision when you choose your topic 1. The quality of your writing depends on how you handle the topic B. Select a suitable topic on your own 1. Not all topics are suitable for college writing 2. Choosing a good topic shows your ability to think ideas through 3. Use specific detail to support what you are saying C. Narrow an assigned topic 1. Break down broad subjects a. Do not go out of the subject as you break it down D. Gather ideas for writing 1. Learn more about the topic before you start writing a. Your writing will become better E. Keep an idea book and writing in a journal 1. Keep your min open a. Listen, watch and talk with other people b. Carry a small notepad for new ideas 2. Keep a journal a. Jot down your ideas everyday F. Freewriting 1. Helps you get used to writing
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Week 2 - ASSIGNMENT 1 Chapter 1 Thesis Statement: Thinking...

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