Week 8 - Week 8 Assignment 1 The thing that I enjoyed the...

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Week 8 Assignment 1 The thing that I enjoyed the most about this course was learning about the correct use of different symbols (quotation marks, slashes, colons, etc). Because I currently hold an administrative job I have to write most of the time. I noticed that my writing improved in such a good way that I received complements from some of my co-workers in several occasions. On the other hand, the thing that I hated the most about this course was outlining. Not because of the actual assignment, but because I literally had to outline the whole book. I would not recommend taking this out of the course. Although I thought it was boring it was actually a very good way of learning. I definitely think that the part of this course that helped me the most was learning about the different types of writing. For instance, when I e-mail my girlfriend back in the states about what I did on the weekend, she replies to me and tells me how much she enjoys reading my e-mails. She says that she imagines herself being there, doing what I was doing. Also, being able to write in all these different writing styles gives me confidence about my academic potential. I become encouraged when I have to write a paper for any of my classes. I know that I will do a good job.
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Assignment 2 The Things They Carried In this story, the author mentions what type of items the soldiers were carrying. In the reading you will find out about the items that these guys would carry depending on the mission they were assigned to. However, the title “The Things They Carried” does not refer to these items. Instead, it comes from the reasons why they carried some of these items. They had certain equipment like helmets, flak jackets and other combat related things because it was necessary for them if they wanted to survive, and also it was part of the SOP. On the other hand, they had items like pictures, which brought memories and dreams. They carried a human thumb, which might be considered to be an item of good luck. They also carried a bible, which represented beliefs and many other things. This is
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Week 8 - Week 8 Assignment 1 The thing that I enjoyed the...

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