Assignment 3 - I am taking this course so that I can...

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Assignment 3 Central Texas College: English 1301D Name: Jesus A. Campos Address: PSC 561 Box 1858 FPO AP 96310 Phone: (H) 253-6991, (W) 253-3775, (C) 0909149734 Emergency Contact: 0909149734 E-mail: Occupation: Personnel Clerk Intended Major: Forensic Science Other English Courses you have taken: none Hobbies: Skateboarding, soccer What types of movies and or/books do you enjoy?: Suspense Why are you taking this course and why would you like to learn:
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Unformatted text preview: I am taking this course so that I can improve my writing techniques and to get it out of the way for my college degree. I want to learn different types of writing, how to give a clear message to the reader and improve my writing so that whoever reads stays interested. Do you have any special circumstances that I should be aware of: No...
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