Midterm - Midterm Engl 1302: T2 1) Read Nathaniel...

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Midterm Engl 1302: T2 1) Read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “ Young Goodman Brown ”. It is located in the Literature textbook on pg. 436. Using the text, identify and write a brief (5 sentence minimum) description of the following literary elements as they appear in Hawthorne’s short story (5 pts. each). * Remember the more detail you use the better I will be able to assess your understanding and the better your grade. Structure. The structure does not contain an introductory paragraph. It rather develops the characters throughout the story. The same thing goes for the setting. Narrator. In this story the narrator is played in the third person. It could just be any person telling the story. It could be Nathaniel Hawthorne himself. Characters. In the story "Young Goodman Brown" the author creates both types of characters: flat and round. Goodman himself is the most rounded character in the story. Setting. The story takes place in the forest. It is in the middle of the night when is dark and cold. It happens Massachusetts. Style. The story of Young Goodman Brown is a narrative and descriptive story. The reader can enjoy the descriptive way in which the story is narrated. Tone. Hawthorne uses a very formal tone in this story. The diction he uses is excellent. He expresses his thought to the readers in a very formal way. Theme. From my point of view, I think that the theme of this story is faith. Faith can keep you fighting for what you want. 2) Without looking on the internet… summarize the story. Using the information that you have compiled in question one, include as much detail as possible. (10pts.) In the story, Brown is a puritan. One night he leaves his wife in the town of Salem to go on a weird journey into the woods. As he is leaving, he looks back to see his wife crying. But he
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Midterm - Midterm Engl 1302: T2 1) Read Nathaniel...

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