Composer's Life - Jesus Campos 1 Composers Life Jimi Allen...

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Jesus Campos 1 Composer’s Life: Jimi Allen Hendrix Jesus Campos Richard J. Daley College Dr. Lipmanovich, Y./Humanities 201 Section CC 7 December 2005
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Jesus Campos 2 On November 27, 1942 a world’s new start was born in Seattle, Washington. He was an American of African, European and Mexican descent by the name of Johnny Allen Hendrix. When Johnny was only five years old, his father thought that Johnny was not such a good name and ironically changed his son’s name James Marshall Hendrix. When Jimi was seven years old he had asked his father to buy him a guitar. His father thought that guitars were something evil because they were used to play blues, which at that time wasn’t accepted by society. Jimi became so depressed because of the fact that his father would not buy him a guitar that he had to be taken to a psychologist. He the psychologist told his father that the best thing to do was to buy him a guitar; he bought him a one-stringed guitar. But his fascination for the guitar was so great that Jimi managed to get good sounds out of that so-called guitar. When his father realized how big his interest for the instrument was he decided to buy him a real guitar. Jimi didn’t have someone to teach him how to play it, so he taught himself. One of the major problems that Hendrix encountered while learning was that he
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Composer's Life - Jesus Campos 1 Composers Life Jimi Allen...

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