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Sales Letter - and expectations I have included some...

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Skyline Computers Distributors October 6, 2009 Mr. LeRoy J. Brever University Of Maryland 322 E. 5 th Street Iwakuni, JA 96310 Dear LeRoy: It was a pleasure receiving your call on Thursday. As promised, I have included information on our company as well as some samples of our products. I think this pretty much explains what we do here at Skyline Computers Distributors. Our specialty is custom-made computers. We have worked with hundreds of customers to provide them with computers that meet their specific needs and budget. For example, we recently sold a personal computer to a high school student for $320. We also built a mainframe computer for a federal organization for $19,000. From our conversation, I believe that I understand what kind of computer will meet your needs
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Unformatted text preview: and expectations. I have included some samples of our computers that you might be interested in buying. Your satisfaction is our main priority. You can be assured that what you want is available at our store. Also, we guarantee you that our products will work properly for a period of two years. If during that time any problems arise we will repair your computer at cost to you. I hope to hear from you or to see you in our store sometime soon. At that time I will answer any other questions that you might have. Sincerely, Jesus Campos Customer Service Representative Skyline Computers Distributors 1 Skyline Corporation Phone 253 7890 125 Main Street Fax 253 9455 Iwakuni, JA 96310...
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