EDTHP EXAM 1 STUDY - 1 EDTHP EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAP 1 Profession provide essential services to individuals and society concerned with an

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1 EDTHP EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAP 1 Profession - provide essential services to individuals and society; concerned with an identified area of need (health); knowledge and skills; knowledge, principles and theories; control the actual work and conditions of the profession; performance standards for admission; preparation for admission; high level of public trust; lifetime commitment; individual competence; accepts responsibility. Semi profession - lower in occupational status; shorter training; lack of societal acceptance; less specialized; less emphasis on theoretical and conceptual basis; identifies more with the employment with employment institution; more subject to administrative supervision; less autonomy in decision making; management by people; preponderance of women; no right to communication between client and professional; no matters of life and death. Tomorrow’s Teachers - Holmes Group debated the teacher preparation issue. A Nation Prepared - Carnegie Forum issued a report the same year. Called for a masters teaching program -- Both reports called for higher standards and increased professionalism for the nation’s teachers National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)- influenced by Carnegie; the goal is to recognize extraordinary teachers, those whose skills and knowledge indicate their high level of achievement. Board certified - assessment procedures developed by NBPTS to identify highly competent teachers. Pedagogy - the art and science of teaching, especially teaching methods and strategies, outperform teachers with superior subject area knowledge. Normal school - provided elementary graduates with formal training in teaching skills; established by Reverend Samuel Hall in 1823. Teach for America - a program that places unlicensed college graduates in districts with critical teacher shortages as they work toward attaining a teacher license. CHAP 9 Property tax - a tax based on a percentage of your total property value Municipal overburden - suffering not only for low property values, but also the need to use those limited resources to fund more police officers, hospitals, subways and other services than their suburban counterparts. San Antonio vs. Rodriquez (1973)- He went to court to fight the violation of U.S. Constitution’s guarantee for equal protection under the law. Supreme Court ruled against him, deferring to the long history of neighborhoods funding schools. Education is not a “fundamental right.” Serrano vs. Priest (1971)- Supreme Court struck down the state’s financing system as unconstitutional. Deemed education as a “fundamental right.” Robin Hood Reformers - took funds from wealthy districts and redistributed the monies to the poorest districts.
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2 United States Dept of Education - raising federal involvement in education to cabinet status in 1979 (Jimmy Carter). They conduct research, publish information, and propose legislation, disbursing federal funds. School boards
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EDTHP EXAM 1 STUDY - 1 EDTHP EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAP 1 Profession provide essential services to individuals and society concerned with an

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