CEE 320 Midterm exam 2

CEE 320 Midterm exam 2 - Name CE 3020 – Fall 2007 Midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: Name _____________________________ CE 3020 – Fall 2007 Midterm 2 Exam Honor Code Having read the Georgia Institute of Technology Academic Honor Code, I understand and accept my responsibility as a member of the Georgia Tech Community to uphold the Honor Code at all times. In addition, I understand my options for reporting honor violations as detailed in the code. ______________________________ (your signature signifies compliance with the Georgia Tech honor code) Please answer all questions in the space provided. If you want to change an answer, do not overwrite; cross out the incorrect answer neatly and write the new answer next to it. There are a possible 126 points in this exam (first 25 questions = 4 points each; two essays = 10 points each; 6 extra credit). YOU ARE ALLOWED ONLY THE USE OF ORIGINAL HAND-WRITTEN MATERIAL Aggregates: 1) For a non-entrained concrete with a f’ c of 3 ksi, the most likely total aggregate content will be: (a) 30% to 45% (b) 45% to 60% (c) 60% to 70% (d) 70% to 80% (e) None of the above ___________ 2) It is desirable to have aggregates with a high content of organic materials ( T rue or F alse) ____ 3) The shape and texture for an aggregate have a great influence on: (a) Workability (b) Strength (c) Durability (d) (a) and (c) (e) None of the above ___________ 4) Three key aggregate properties that are needed for proper batching are: (a) __________________________________________ (b) __________________________________________ (c) __________________________________________ 5) The presence of particular siliceous materials can lead to durability problems linked to what is labeled _____________-____________ _______________ (three words). Name _____________________________ 6) For normal-weight concretes, which of the following characteristic of the concrete is LEAST likely to be affected by the gradation: (a) Mix proportions (b) Durability (c) Strength (d) Economy ___________ 7) A typical moisture absorption capacity for a coarse aggregate will be much greater than that for fine aggregate ( T rue or F alse) _________ 8) The fineness modulus for a sand sample with the following sieve analysis results is _______ Sieve Number Percent passing 4 90 8 70 16 50 30 30 50 10 100 5 9) The sand sample from Question (8) is ideal for use in any concrete mix ( T rue or False) ____ 10) Explain in a few short sentences your answer to Question 9: ___________________________________________________________________________...
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CEE 320 Midterm exam 2 - Name CE 3020 – Fall 2007 Midterm...

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