CEE 3020 Exam 2

CEE 3020 Exam 2 - Name CE 3020 Construction Materials Fall...

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Name ________________________________________________ CE 3020 - Construction Materials Fall 2008 –EXAM #2 Honor Code Having read the Georgia Institute of Technology Academic Honor Code, I understand and accept my responsibility as a member of the Georgia Tech Community to uphold the Honor Code at all times. In addition, I understand my options for reporting honor violations as detailed in the code. ______________________________ (your signature signifies compliance with the Georgia Tech honor code) Please answer all questions in the space provided . If you want to change an answer, do not overwrite; cross out the incorrect answer neatly and write the new answer next to it. There are a possible XXX points in this exam. You can use your notes and labs POLYMERIC MATERIALS (3 points each question for Q1 – Q = Total of 27 points): (1) At the highest level, polymers are generally classified as: a. Plastics, thermoplastics and thermosets b. Plastic, elastomers and rigid rods c. Homopolymers, copolymers and atactic d. None of the above (1) ______ (2) The behavior of polymeric materials is strongly influenced by temperature. Two key temperatures used to characterize polymeric materials are the (write complete name): a. ___________________________________________ and the, b. ____________________________________________ (3) Compared to metals, the behavior of polymeric materials exhibits a _____________ (larger or smaller) dependence of strain rates. (4)
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CEE 3020 Exam 2 - Name CE 3020 Construction Materials Fall...

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