BOOK NOTES - BOOK NOTES CHAPTER SIX: Schools and Curriculum...

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BOOK NOTES CHAPTER SIX: Schools and Curriculum I: Visible Curriculum A: formal/explicit curriculum- arranging experiences so that intended outcomes are reached. B: 17 th century 1. 2 R’s- reading and religion 2. Puritan morality 3. white males C: 18 th century 1. reading, religion, morality plus writing and arithmetic. 2. secondary students learned vocational skills (surveying, bookkeeping, etc) D: 19 th century 1. stressed writing arithmetic, spelling, geography and good behavior 2. secondary students learned Latin or new English and stressed grammar, public speaking, geography, history, science, geometry, algebra, etc. E: 20 th century- progression 1. creativity and arts 2. traditional course plus typing, stenography, bookkeeping, domestic science and industrial arts F: Sputnik 1950-1960s 1. schools became scapegoats for US failure in beating Soviets in space 2. curriculum emphasized science, math and foreign language. 3. problem solving and higher order thinking skills. G: Social Concern and Relevance 1960s-1970s 1. deciding earlier what electives you want to explore H: Back to basics: standards and testing 1980’s-present 1. increasing number of basic courses (core curriculum) 2. frequent testing II: Invisible Curriculum A: hidden/implicit curriculum- learning that is not always intended but emerges as students are shaped by the school culture, including the attitudes and behaviors of
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BOOK NOTES - BOOK NOTES CHAPTER SIX: Schools and Curriculum...

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