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Unformatted text preview: READ EVERY WORD OF THE FIRST THREE PAGES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE; HOWEVER, HOLD QUESTIONS ABOUT THESE PAGES UNTIL MONDAY (12 JANUARY 2009)1 To Students Enrolled in BIOL 2443/2441 (Human Anatomy)–Spring Semester–2009 from Dr. James M. Walker (SCEN 720), Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas. If you have received this e-mail and attachment it is because your name is among the 160 students registered for (= enrolled in) BIOL 2443/2441 (Human Anatomy) for Spring Semester 2009. From time to time during theSemester you will receive e-mailings from me pertaining to the course. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOUR E-MAIL ACCOUNT CAPACITY AT A LEVEL THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO RECEIVE HUMAN ANATOMY ATTACHMENTS. I WILL NOT RESPOND TO REQUESTS TO MAIL ATTACHMENTS A SECOND TIME BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FULL INBOX. Be aware of the following points: 1) In all class meetings of BIOL 2443/2441, you must have your University of Arkansas photographic ID card and be prepared to identify yourself with it at my request. Any student who refuses to identify himself/herself with a UA ID will be excluded from class. 2) You must be present on the first day of classes. Lecture for BIOL 2443/2441 begins on Monday (12 January 2009) in Kimp 0102, PROMPTLY at 7:30 (not several minutes or days later). 3) Laboratories for BIOL 2443/2441 begin the first week of classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (12, 14, 16 January 2009) in SCIE 417 PROMPTLY at the time scheduled for each of the five labs. Check the information provided by the Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) for the dress code for lab required by federal regulations. 4) The required textbooks for BIOL 2443/2441 must be purchased and in hand by the start of classes on 12 January 2009. (The appropriate textbook edition must be brought by each student to each lab and lecture class as they will be frequently referenced by either Dr. Walker or a GTA. Textbooks Required And Available in Local Bookstores A. Lecture: Tortora and Nielsen; 11 th ed. (Principles of Human Anatomy). B. Lab: Marieb; 5 th ed. (Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual). C. Each pair of laboratory students must also have a dissecting kit obtainable in the bookstore (not needed first week of classes). 5) READ THE FOLLOWING PAGE OF CLASS POLICIES VERY CAREFULLY. IF YOU HAVE SCHEDULED A PERSONAL TRIP OR OTHER EVENT THAT WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE ABSENT ON ONE OF THE LAB OR LECTURE TEST DAYS DURING SPRING SEMESTER 2009, EITHER CHANGE YOUR PLANS OR TAKE THE COURSE IN A SEMESTER WHEN YOU CAN MEET YOUR SCHEDULED OBLIGATIONS. 6) Use the FOLLOWING STUDY GUIDES in this attachment as you see fit. (pp. 5-8). All information in the study guides may be used on the exams to which they apply....
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This note was uploaded on 06/04/2009 for the course BIOL 2443 taught by Professor Walker during the Spring '09 term at Arkansas.

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