Essay #2- LCD Students - LCD Students Perish 1 Tara Larkin...

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LCD Students Perish 1 Tara Larkin EDTHP 115 Paper #2 11/02/07 LCD Student’s Perish in American Schools According to the article, The Education of LCD Students, 40% of Hispanics leave school prior to graduation and if they make it to grade 11, they are often tested at a grade 8 achievement level (p. 10). This shocking statistic is just one confirmation that American schools are failing children from culturally diverse backgrounds. Why are LCD students the ones plummeting in American schools? We are going to look at the deficit theory, stereotyping and poor teaching methods and the ways they contribute (or do not contribute) to a culturally diverse education. According to Sadker, Sadker and Zittleman, the deficit theory states “certain students do poorly in school because of their cultural, social, or linguistic background” (pg. 72). This is the basis for the culturally diverse students. While the deficit theory explains what the problem is, the biggest question is why are culturally diverse students doing poorly? Why are white Americans excelling faster and stronger in academics? These questions can begin to get answered through explanation of stereotyping and poor teaching methods. Half of White American’s stereotype Hispanic and African American students,
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Essay #2- LCD Students - LCD Students Perish 1 Tara Larkin...

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