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EVALUATION - Larkin 1 Tara Larkin Dr Alan Jalowitz English...

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Larkin 1 Tara Larkin Dr. Alan Jalowitz English 15 Section 95 23 October 2006 The City of Brotherly Love? “Those Eagles fans are so nasty even I wouldn’t go to a game,” claims an Afghan warlord. That pretty much sums up Philly fans, nasty, by an Afghan warlord nonetheless (Freeman 1). They seem pretty insistent on sharing their team spirit by making signs and yelling profanities. If it’s not okay to say in front of their parents, it is certainly not appropriate for these fans to be using demeaning words in front of children at games and on national television. They constantly appear in the news for injuring opposing teams- fans and their property. Disappointment, jealousy, heartbreak and rage only begin to describe why Philly fans act so angry, all the time. Philadelphia fans act obnoxiously, violently and dangerously. It’s not wonder why. Year after year Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers fans have been disappointed. In almost 300 seasons of play across the four major sports Philadelphia holds a jaw-dropping 12 world titles. The A’s and the Warriors hold four of those world titles. They no longer play for Philadelphia teams (Bradley 1). Philly seems to have a history of building up the fans, only to let them down in the end. In the last five years, the eagles have made it almost all the way and then failed. The Phillies have done the same thing. Philadelphia has become a magnet for disappointment. Some might say some of their anger is geared toward the players and coaches. So what do Philadelphian’s do? They get rid of their problems with no second chance.
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Larkin 2 Charles Barkley was traded to Phoenix and Eric Lindros to the Rangers when they could not pull through for their teams. Randall Cunningham, Mike Schmidt and Scott Rolen got the boot too when fans were not satisfied; not that it necessarily helped the teams by trading them (Bradley 2). Talk about being infuriated with their own team; a group of
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