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Larkin 1 Tara Larkin Dr. Jalowitz Eng 015 Section 095 27 September 2006 To: The Committee for Disney’s Outreach, Being a freshman in college, I have gone through 60+ teachers in my lifetime. Every “first day of school” has always been the same; I would come home and tell my mom, which classes I could not wait for and which classes I was terrified of the teachers. Every year it is the same routine, you like some teachers, you hate others, but they come and go, as you get older. Up until my junior year in high school, I never met a teacher who would have such a strong impact on my life. Mr. Joseph Aquilante, known as “Aqua” to the students, displays the most incredible passion for the school and his students. He became such an essential part to the school community at Bishop Shanahan, the last 10 years, through the students, faculty and administration. Aqua teaches junior year religion classes at my Catholic high school. Religion is a required course at Shanahan, but students would have gladly taken Aqua’s course as an elective. Inside and out of the classroom he became so involved in activities. Not only does he teach religion, he also moderates the student council and organizes our senior year retreat. As a teacher in the classroom, he gets his point across through interesting lectures and movies. He is not and never will be the teacher where kids fall asleep in the middle of his class or curse him while doing there homework. Even when he gives pop quizzes (that were impossible) students still can not help but love his lively personality and
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This essay was uploaded on 03/31/2008 for the course ENGL 015 taught by Professor Stjean,shawnr during the Fall '07 term at Penn State.

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ENCOMIUM - Larkin 1 Tara Larkin Dr Jalowitz Eng 015 Section...

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