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Larkin 1 Tara Larkin ENG 15 Section 95 Dr. Alan Jalowitz December 18, 2006 Jim McGreevey’s Resignation Speech When the people of New Jersey heard that Governor James McGreevey might be resigning, everyone tuned into local radio stations and television networks to listen. On August 12, 2004, New Jersey Governor McGreevey resigned from office due to allegations of homosexual affairs. The Encyclopedia on reference.com, tell us that this announcement made McGreevey the “first openly gay state governor in American history.” In his resignation speech, he explained his childhood and how until his adult years, he was always unsure about himself. McGreevey spoke the famous phrase, “and so my truth is that I am a gay American”. He takes responsibility and undergoes shame for his actions and concludes that resigning from office will be the best decision. Jim McGreevey did make personal mistakes during his time as governor, but has continued to be respected. The speech he gave that August afternoon made others reverence his decision through lyrical phrases and thoughts. One rhetorical positive that McGreevey possesses in his paper and perhaps the most important, is he fulfills the purpose or motive of the paper: to resign and completely explain why. He undoubtedly states, “I have decided the right course of action is to resign.” This paper also partially serves as an apology to his wife for the embarrassment and grief he caused her and to the people, for shaming the office; as well as owning up to the accusations of a consensual affair. He uses clear statements in his
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Larkin 2 apology that leave no room to doubt his motive. Some key phrases like, “It was wrong.
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RHETORIC - Larkin 1 Tara Larkin ENG 15 Section 95 Dr Alan...

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